Current Projects

Donations for drought victims.

Drought relief project.

Zimbabwe has been hit by a severe drought in the recent years causing a lot of the people to face poverty. Recent forecasts show that very little rain is going to fall in 2020 puting more than half of the nation’s population vulnerable. For us to overcome the tragedy of a lot of people perishing we have started a drought relief campaign that will help with basic needs. We appeal to you for help in form of donations or in kind. For at leasts €50 you can feed a family of five providing the basic needs below.

Donations for the drought victims

  • 5kg Sugar
  • 5kg Flour
  • 5kg Mealie-meal
  • 5l Cooking oil
  • Salt
  • Candles or Paraffin to light their houses since there is no electricity

Solar powered borehole.

One of our main project this year was to drill a borehole at Chipinda Primary and Secondary School since the old one is becoming rusty. We are appealing for donations to help us achieve this.

Due to a dry spell currently ruining Zimbabwe, our garden hasn’t flourished due to the lack of water.